July 12, 2010

Summer Morning & Fruitopia

Summer morning... the most beautiful phrase in the english language. William James erroneously said that 'summer afternoon' was the most beautiful phrase, but he probably didn't get up at with the sun.

Yes, it's that time of year again... Fruitopia.

After all the ballyhoo about the iPad taking over everything to do with the printed page... I find it to be reassuring as a professional book maker to read this article which is drawn from conclusions of a study of half a million readers.

The implications of the findings are that students using real books do significantly better in school than students using e-books. Long live real paper and real artists. (40% better).

"It’s not the physical presence of the books that produces the biggest impact, she suggested. It’s the change in the way the students see themselves as they build a home library. They see themselves as readers, as members of a different group."

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