March 29, 2012

I fought the code... and the code won

I always liked this scene out of 'The Dancing Clock'. It was the idea of drawing a runaway monkey I guess.

Meanwhile, back on the Dreamweaver ranch, it's been a battle of wills... mine against the will of HTML. CSS - CSS templates - editable regions, etc.

I fought the code... and the code won.


March 21, 2012

Happiness is coloring away...

I'm working away coloring in photoshop. I think coloring is the one stage of any project where I can just relax and zone out. It seems like most other aspects involve too many complications.

So it's nice to just sit back and color...


p.s. Also making great strides with Dreamweaver. I've decided to add a header, footer and now I'm struggling with finding out how templates work. I need a magic genie to sit on my shoulder and talk me through it.

March 14, 2012

Drawing, drawing, drawing...

Drawing, drawing, drawing... keeping pace.

Latest accomplishment: Learned Dreamweaver! At least enough to do most basic things without being totally flummoxed.

New favorite book is a biography of Jack London. I went through a Jack London phase as a teenager. Finished reading 'A Town Like Paris' by Bryce Corbett... a fun book.

Getting in the daily bike ride, weather permitting.  Got all wet today...

March 5, 2012

A weekend lost in learning DreamWeaver

I've been spending the weekend lost in learning DreamWeaver.

Lucky for me I'm equally as stubborn as I am ignorant, so I actually enjoy the struggle up the learning curve. I'm learning all kinds of fun new stuff... creating CSS based pages with lots of nifty features. 

Adding in slideshows and rollover buttons is way easier than doing it the old fashioned way... once you figure out how. What I think Adobe needs is a 'Dummy' level of web design, so it wouldn't require any working with code.

Who knows... maybe it'll actually work! 
I still think HTML is the 'devil's own' language.... lol!