May 27, 2014

I need computer magic...

I guess there's no turning back for me & my wacom since I tend to get frustrated using real paints.  Just a few dabs will do me... then I need computer magic because I'm spoiled - or something.

May 21, 2014

A classic folk tale

I enjoyed painting in this cover. Cold - fog - and wintry blues. The client seemed well pleased too.

It was drawn in pencil on paper and the rest is photoshop color with scanned real textures.  I think all art is mostly in the drawing.

May 6, 2014

A marvelous review from Readertotz!

 A marvelous review for Peter Panda Melts Down! from Readertotz! 

THANKS Readertotz!

May 5, 2014

My paper bag moment

This morning I had another 'paper bag moment'.  Naturally you want to know what is a paper bag moment?

It's when I get an idea for a technique in making art and I rush to my wacom to try it out... and it's so exciting when it works just as I'd hoped it would.  Whew!  It's so exciting it's almost like I need to breath into a paper,  though really I have never done that. It's just the thought.

Anyhow... I was delighted. It's nice when art makes you happy.