September 28, 2008

Printed to perfection...

Here we have it... the entire set of proofs, printed to perfection!

It was an unexpected pleasure to receive this package the other afternoon, with all the interior pages. The color was perfect... which is often almost impossible to achieve. But this time the printing all came out exactly as I had hoped it might.

So now I've had my moment of publishing perfection. It was a wonderful experience.


September 17, 2008

Nature is the best getaway...

The mysterious woods... makes one want to leave the city almost.

It looks stormier than it was... it was actually just foggy and warm. But the drama looks good.

The deep, dark, foggy woods... what better place to get away to?

But the sunshine did peek out on occasion... opening windows to marvels of Nature.

I think movie makers use fog for effects... it's easy to see why.

Roots, trees, people... they all intertwine.

A mist enshrouded shore echoes the shapes of the forest.

A staircase hewn out of rock and cedar. It all felt like it was straight out of Tolkein...

As the elusive islands drift in and out of the fog...

Camping is my kind of getaway. And not a bug in sight the entire trip too!

September 7, 2008

It had been sunny all along...

The grudging fog lifts enough for a glimmer of color. The break from a bleak monotone was wonderful.

At last! I capture my own 'Painter of Light' original... I always wanted to do that!

The combination of sunlight & fog creates a unique light.

Just a few yards off the water's edge it's been a sunny day for hours. You can see the fog in a blanket, just offshore.

The pilings remind me of a medieval fortress... never having seen one in real life, of course.

A touch of faux native carving adds local color.

And a bit of rusty Americana on Main Street. So ends another all too brief day-trip.


September 5, 2008

T'were a foggy day t'beach...

T'were a foggy day t'beach...

The whole day long the fog hung round...

Artistic forms appeared in abundance...

while lost souls searched for what once had been theirs...