October 13, 2021

Lost in the Paint - painting islands in the sound

 I thought this painting was done 6 weeks ago… but it kept nagging at me to change something.

After all the time spent waiting, I finally figured out how to finish this painting I’d been living with. For me it was fascinating to have to wait - to figure it out - as I lived with the half-done painting… waiting to try to discover what it needed.

And I’m happy with how it came out. So now I’ve got a half dozen of these Puget Sound Islands in the Woods paintings… time for a show or something! Lol!

August 20, 2021

My summer hobby - boatwatching

My summer pastime has been ‘boat watching’. This unique hobby is easily done at my summer hangout… the Montlake Cut, where boats from Lake Union pass through to Lake Washington. Rarely a boring moment as every sort of boaty vehicle passes through…

Motorized surfboards (that ride above the water so fast they have to wear helmets)

Floating boat airplanes that glide through the cut while floating



Giant yachts

Paddle wheelers

Small yachts

Sailboats (which get to have the Montlake Bridge open up for them)

And college beer boats - where summer sport is for boaters with beer to toss the cans into the water for swimmers on shore to collect.

May 25, 2021

Summertime Fun... at last!

 This was a fun summer project - with illustrations of lots of summer activities.