June 27, 2014

Scanned fabric becomes a children's book...

I quite liked how the scanned fabric fit into the painting. There's nothing like plaid to go with a hunting cap. "I say!" lol!

I've been scanning in some striking woven textures to put in the new book I'm working on. And to keep the crafts in the family, these lovely scarves were woven by my clever and lovely spouse, Ann.  She'll be flattered to see her work turned into part of a book, hopefully.

Her scarves certainly add a nice homespun look to the old wacom and Epson v700, that's for sure.

June 23, 2014

You'll never guess what happened next...

You'll never guess what happened when I turned the page... (like they say on the internet). There was some gorgeous art by my online pal Brian Lies! Such a small world, this publishing world.

June 18, 2014

Storybook charm & landscapes of imagination

Sometimes I think more than half of children's book illustration is creating landscapes. Landscapes of imagination. It's always fun to create imaginary houses where storybook characters live. And adding in a grandfather adds a mysterious storybook charm to the atmosphere too.

June 3, 2014

Mary Blair and photoshop are a match made in heaven

This piece was inspired by Mary Blair.  I find Mary Blair and photoshop are a match made in heaven.

Reading makes you smart!  I'm quite sure of it.

This is a variation on the line and color of the previous blog illustration.  I find it's fascinating how line quality can make such a difference.