December 24, 2014

The black & white photo challenge...

Friend & fellow illustrator Patrick Girouard challenged me to post five black and white photos in five days.  So here are some snaps from my Lumix.

I think photography is fun - you just have to know what might be interesting and choose how to fit the subject into the frame.  

Often it seems that it's just a fluke of chance that makes an interesting photo.  

I like photography because it gets me out of the studio and into the real world - where wonders often await.

December 17, 2014

Have a Dickens of a Holiday

Happy Holidays!
May your Joys be simple & bright and safe in the night...

December 13, 2014

Seattle's Black Dog Forge

It was the holiday sale at Seattle's Black Dog Forge (where my sister-in-law Mary is a blacksmith).

It gets hotter the further inside you go...

Mossy-babies in abundance - require misting.

Tatts, piercings and gnarly beards & styling everywhere.

One of the smithys at work.

Busy with holiday shoppers!

December 11, 2014

Hollywood... pinch me!

What's John been doing?  A lot! 

If you said John has been shooting photos for a Hollywood movie poster, signing a new book contract, drawing pictures for a magazine spread, getting to know a new children's book agent and shoveling snow... you'd only be wrong about the snow. I over-exaggerated about the snow. Whew!

The photo is from last night's photo shoot. I didn't realize one could actually have a Hollywood photo shoot from a bicycle with a basket in the dark, but I guess you can. I wore my beret instead of my helmet since I'm an artist.

I quite enjoy the panache of dropping the name 'Hollywood' into a sentence.... it adds glamour.  Pinch me... did that all really happen?

December 8, 2014

Studio Guests...

I have this new ladder and lamp... and now they both seem to be indispensable.  Once I had a new bicycle that I liked keeping in my studio... but a ladder?  I like how it 'clicks' and has big buttons.  The lamp is great too - nothing like a new cast of light.

December 2, 2014

What people think I do all day...

What people think I do all day...

What my cat thinks I do all day...

What I really do all day...