September 13, 2011

The 12 Days of Christmas Book Blog

The blog for my new book is finally ready... after waiting for the appropriate holiday shopping weather to arrive. This book is 'The 12 Days of Christmas in Washington' and it's published by Sterling Books.

Washington state residents will recognize the many local landmarks right off.  I greatly enjoyed writing and illustrating this colorful book.  It's full of fun scenes in Pike Place Market, Mt. Rainier, Downtown Seattle, Puget Sound, Tacoma, Winthrop, Leavenworth and Spokane. (all my favorite places).

Although I myself have never been to the top of the Space Needle, I understand it's quite a popular destination. I have often looked up at it from Seattle Center to marvel at it. I did learn in making this book that the Space Needle is way more difficult to draw than the Eiffel Tower. (I haven't been there either.)

Other familiar sights are listed in the 'The places visited' tab of my new book blog. I have been to ALL the above mentioned locations.

This book will no doubt be appearing beneath many an Evergreen State evergreen tree this Holiday season!

September 9, 2011

Polar-tec temporarily on hold.

Things have been a bit slow on the old blog lately. But it's not for lack of activity.

* I've been learning how to make inter-active ebook-apps with Kwiksher. It's fun adding sound effects and watching the motion of my artwork across the screen.

* I've been thinking up some options for licensing my artwork.

*And I've been enjoying the never to be forgotten SUMMER!

It has been wonderful to actually have some HOT weather! After last summer, which was barely even half a summer... and it looked like this year would be a repeat of that dismal event. It seems like forever since we had a real summer... so this has been fabulous.

I've been able to do things like water the garden and go barefoot. And the polar-tec is temporarily on hold.