May 25, 2016

A Little Perspective From Freelancer Island...

So what is life like as a children’s book-maker? It’s like keeping a little mouse of creative happiness that runs free in the cloistered studio of one’s imagination. It’s being able to make dreams out of thin air and share them with the world. And you’ll have to get used to living in a lonely place known as Freelancer Island... which is a very, very lonely place indeed.

I wrote all about it for the SCBWIKitetales blog....

May 16, 2016

Teddy abides with awesome cool-itude!

The mysterious Teddy arrived, sneaking onto the front porch and totally undercover, of course. And as always, Teddy is tres cool! It's always fun to finally see how a digital book will look in print. Wished I could wear cool shades everywhere I go.