October 31, 2012

It's that time again...

It's that time again... Halloween! It's just such a rich topic to create images for. Something about barns and haylofts and hoe-downs. I saw that amazing PBS program 'The Hayloft Gang' and it reminded me of this old illustration I made years ago.

I'd never seen 'The Hayloft Gang' before, but it's got everything that's good about America in it. That's what I think.

p.s. Now I'm adding in the voices to my new app. It's interesting how it calls for a whole new set of skills. Theatrical and voice articulation. Too bad my voice sounds like a paper bag full of sawdust with a head cold. Oh well... Garageband helps.

October 29, 2012

A work in progress...

One reason I like digital coloring so much is that it's unpredictable... therefore more interesting. I think it's a fun game of cat and mouse to take a chance on a new brush or try a new technique. There's always the undo button.

So on any given day, the digital artist is free to try whatever they like. Today I've been choosing those natural media brushes that start around 750 pixels in size. It's always interesting to see what they might do!

October 25, 2012

The Pirate's Life for Me

Needless to say, being a Pirate was always my favorite Halloween costume. No contest.

Lucky me, I get to relive the glory of my favorite costume in my new ebook app. But in this version the characters all get to talk and bop around the screen and they have to find out clues to change the pirate. lol!

I still sting with indignation from the day my 2nd grade teacher took me aside and told me I couldn't wear a ribbon on my pirate costume! GRRRRRR!

Funny how those little things never go away.

October 21, 2012

You've got to enjoy the process

It all boils down to that maxim about publishing which is - 'You've got to enjoy the process'. I have to say I don't much enjoy the process much of regular paper book publishing anymore. I don't have decades left to wait another year for one more rejection that 'we just did a book like this'. I've lost my appetite for that sort of thing.

But I very much DO enjoy the process of making ebook apps. It has revived my spirit and joy in making books for children. It's lots of fun and it's like instant gratification compared to the old wait, wait, wait for years, reject, revise and resubmit process.

Yesterday I illustrated a page with a UFO that carries my PB character away to Mars... before that I drew pages with a witch, a page with a troll under a bridge and a page with dinosaurs. All of them doing things, making challenging puzzles and generally having fun.

What's not to like?

October 16, 2012

A new page fresh off the wacom

Here's a new page fresh off the wacom. I knew this scene was going to be fun. I can't wait to add all the dinosaur growls and sound effects. Grrrrrrr!

But of course Piggy is not about to be outdone by a few oversized reptiles. I used to imagine just such scenes when I was a wee tot.

October 14, 2012

Happily pigging away...

Happily pigging away on my new interactive e-book app. Coming soon to iPads everywhere... and possibly to one near you.

I can't wait to start doing the 'piggy' voice with GarageBand. My nickname as a earnest young lad was 'pig'... even though I was never the least bit fat.

What nicknames did any of you wind up with? (that can be disclosed for a G-rated audience)

October 9, 2012

Making interactive ebook apps is fun...

This is just so much fun!

I made up this physics experiment in Kwik2. It's really not that hard at all... once you figure out the basics. Kwik2 is an extension of Photoshop 5.5. It doesn't require any coding or programing... just drag and drop and click.

Now to add the words and the story plot line.

My conclusion? Making interactive ebook apps is fun. Sometimes it's almost too exciting...

October 4, 2012

Save Big-Bird! Vote!

Goodbye Big-Bird? Tell me it ain't so!

It took some digging, but I found an old copy of my Sesame Street cover. I think it still looks okay.

I'm guessing there's not much that's 'honorable' on the other channels. PBS is the one channel that makes me feel good about life.

And I vote in every election and I just sent in a check for $250 to PBS. But not a penny to any politicians.

October 2, 2012

Fun is Necessary

I think that fun is essential to productivity and happiness in work.  But I often wonder why even a 'fun' job might seem like drudgery at times?

I wonder if there's some kind of boredom quotient that artists get used to that sets our boredom levels? I actually feel hugely guilty to think I might complain about a job being boring when I consider the awful jobs many people have to endure.

I suppose it's the child within that demands fun... while the tired grownup on the outside gets philosophical and wags a finger of rebuke.