March 28, 2015

Monkeying Around...

I spent days drawing monkeys - with the consequence that when I went out to the market shopping - yes, I looked at people and saw monkeys - especially guys with beards. The inevitable parallels all get immediately drawn. I felt kind of bad about it, coming to that conclusion but don't hold myself to blame personally. Anyhow, nowadays on NOVA on PBS they openly refer to our kind as primates - cuz we are! lol! (insert chimp laugh here - like Cheeta on Tarzan - and why did Tarzan name his chimp Cheeta?)

March 25, 2015

My very first portfolio

Here is my very first portfolio - the 30 lb 'jumbo boy'.  It was gigantic and filled with astounding work! Art directors loved it. They ate it up like cake.

Each new portfolio I made got smaller and smaller until now they fit on an iPhone. But there's something to be said for the 'Jumbo Boy'. Art directors had to clear their desk just to look at it. 

I think the amazing thing is that I drew those in ink straight onto the newsprint page without any pencil or rough sketch. I loved how the fountain pen ink sank into the newsprint.

March 23, 2015

The muffin-man returns

The muffin-man returns - this week it's apple-blueberry-peach. The silicone muffin tin is fab - since it makes turning out the muffins so easy.

It's always nice to take a break from pushing pixels and do something real, like baking.

March 19, 2015

Umbrellas and cherry trees in the rain

Teetering umbrellas spring forth.

'Beneath the cherry blossoms there are no strangers.'
goes an old saying.

March 13, 2015

And in a moment or two...

And in a moment or two, the scanned line turns into full color techno-fruit! And to think they pay me to do this... in the rainy cold dark before the sun's even up.  

March 11, 2015

Jet skis on pencil lines...

Drawing, drawing, drawing... all day long! But when I get out my magic pens it's like putting jet skis on my pencil line... carving big sloshy inky curves and spraying splatters over the deliciously textured watercolor paper. What can I say - it's fun!

March 8, 2015

Bunny & Fox Go On a Picnic

This was a delightful little mini-book to do.


Bunny & Fox pack a picnic...

It's just marvelous!  Oh joy!

And it ends happily ever after, naturally.

March 6, 2015

"Website - we have a problem!"

My tiny little website has been misbehaving. Pages won't load - the site hangs - a small jpeg takes 4 minutes to load. That's not good.  

The expert GoDaddy web-hosting engineer ran a traceroute told me it was definitely a Comcast problem. I went to find any help at Comcast, but there isn't any.

To say I felt like I was up the creek without a paddle is putting it mildly.

So armed with this new knowledge, I went back to GoDaddy.  Finally after 25 minutes I was delighted to hear him say, "Whao! What's this? That's interesting... so it DOES look like it's on our end after all!"    

So I'm not crazy and it's not just me! It might be affecting many, many websites out there. It's all too complicated for me to figure out.

Update* - Website finally restored after 3 days - might have been there for a weeks if I hadn't noticed it.  Whew! 

March 3, 2015

A Magic Show on paper & screen

This was fun to see the comparison between the computer screen outcome and the printed page outcome. It really is like magic that the two technologies are almost identical - even allowing for the different lighting conditions.

Lucky for me it's the innate charm of the concept and design along with the talent of drawing that makes the difference in any image... so that a robot can't do it.