April 30, 2014

The Little Free Poet Box

I see that now there is a 3rd literary sidewalk stop on the street down the block. Already there are two Little Free Libraries - but now someone thought to install a writer's box, where I assume you're supposed to write something and leave it? Funny. When the first one went in I got all excited and left two signed books of mine. But no one ever brought them back. Then I found a copy of 'It's a Bunny Eat Bunny World', so I've been reading that for the past 6 months.

April 28, 2014

Cookie Cover Sample

I think this was the color cover sample I did for 'One Smart Cookie', my tale of the dog that can read. This was during my half real paint - half digital phase. I remember this book languished collecting dust with my agent for 4 years until I decided to sell it myself. I sold it in 3 weeks

April 22, 2014

New changes to my website

Some new changes to my website went up over the weekend.  Now I've added a 'PDF Tearsheet' link, so visitors can download samples of my current illustration work.  I've been meaning to put up a tearsheet for years... but never got around to it before.

April 6, 2014

A super-sized little illustration

I received a VERY large envelope in the mail last week from the nice folks at Highlights. It's a poster about  writing that will be appearing in libraries and schools this summer. It's really, really big - much bigger than my 22" monitor. It started out as just a spot drawing, but they liked it so much they decided to turn it into a poster.
With a little digital magic I adjusted the dpi and sizes, so that a larger drawing would work at poster size. It's the largest illustration I've ever had published.
I was very pleased with how it turned out.  I tried out a new technique of isolating some of the images as layers with shadows, so it looks kind of like a collage.

It's fun having such a big illustration printed.  It's awesome to think it will be seen by thousands of people in schools and libraries.