August 11, 2007

Summer Morning

William James was incorrect when he declared that the two most beautiful words in the english language were 'summer afternoon'. In fact those two words are really 'summer morning'.

Here we have the tools of the trade... a fresh palette squeezed out and unsullied, more or less. I've discovered some new colors that came along with a new brand of paints. That's like discovering a new kind of fruit almost... a new flavor.

A rare sunbeam finds it way through the early morning to land upon the drawing desk... with the trusty fan and air conditioner standing by for afternoon duty... (when required).

It is summer after all... Let there be light!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A great post John. I get all excited when I buy new tubes of paint. I love to put the colours on my palette and just swirl them all over a clean piece of paper. Like you, I prefer the summer mornings when I gets too warm in my upstairs studio otherwise.I love how the drawing board looks in that photo.