November 24, 2010

Valiant little puffballs...

Here we have a return to a Siberian winter... sub-zero temperatures, blowing snowdrifts and all the rest.

But at least the sun came out shining the next day! And that makes it all much nicer.

The valiant little hummingbirds somehow manage to survive the snow and sub-zero temps. They puff up into little feathery round balls and go into a state of torpor overnight.

I have to bring their feeders inside or soon they'll be solid ice. I made this movie a few years ago. It's fun doing nature movies. I managed a better one a while back, but haven't turned it into an iMovie yet.

November 21, 2010

A fun sneak peak...

Here's a fun sneak preview of the upcoming xmas card. I really had no intention of doing a card, but I started on a figure from the book I'm working on, and next thing you know I had the first figure done, then the next, and then it was almost finished.

Of course since winter begins here on August 15th, that gives us Northwesterners lots of time to practice.

It's fun trying new textures and line techniques... and figuring out all the new photoshop settings. What's especially weird (I think) is that I seem to learn everything by instinct, and not with any planned logic. I just kind of muddle around the keys in a subconscious way to get things done instead of really thinking about it.