Tuesday, April 22

New changes to my website

Some new changes to my website went up over the weekend.  Now I've added a 'PDF Tearsheet' link, so visitors can download samples of my current illustration work.  I've been meaning to put up a tearsheet for years... but never got around to it before.

Sunday, April 6

A super-sized little illustration

I received a VERY large envelope in the mail last week from the nice folks at Highlights. It's a poster about  writing that will be appearing in libraries and schools this summer. It's really, really big - much bigger than my 22" monitor. It started out as just a spot drawing, but they liked it so much they decided to turn it into a poster.
With a little digital magic I adjusted the dpi and sizes, so that a larger drawing would work at poster size. It's the largest illustration I've ever had published.
I was very pleased with how it turned out.  I tried out a new technique of isolating some of the images as layers with shadows, so it looks kind of like a collage.

It's fun having such a big illustration printed.  It's awesome to think it will be seen by thousands of people in schools and libraries.

Thursday, March 27

Featured on Elizabeth Dulemba's blog!

Today is the day that I'm featured on Elizabeth Dulemba's blog! It's a fun bit of bio and there is a free book giveaway too. In it I reveal all my secrets of how I networked my way into doing the book 'Peter Panda Melts Down!' using just a bus ticket and a bit of cleverness.

THANKS! Elizabeth!



Wednesday, March 19

Art is like a shiny pebble...

I think making art is quite a bit like finding a shiny pebble in a stream. At first it's all glisteny and bright and you think it's the most beautiful thing ever. But then it dries and sometimes just looks dusty and tired. That's my little bit of wisdom for today.

It's spring on the drawing board today. I think I fell in love with the square sponge brush for blobbing out backgrounds.

Tuesday, March 11

A new picture book!

Here's the cover of my latest picture book. It's about a fire dog and takes place in a fire house.  I've always wanted to do a fire house book.

There's a big slurpy doggy kiss on the cover. I like how the cover typography came out. I also like fire engines, but red is a difficult color to do because it just gets too red!

Wednesday, March 5

Spring has sprung!

Spring has sprung!  I quite like my new Lumix fz200. It lets you process the photos without photoshop - like I did here.  So that makes it more fun.

Wednesday, February 26

Ducks in Droves are flocking to Peter Panda!

I have a newfound appreciation for National Geographic photographers.  Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get 25 ducks to all pay attention to a picture book?

Sunday, February 23

Here's a Peter Panda QwikFlik


Here's a Peter Panda QwikFlik - just the thing for a rainy winter's day. It's a real art trying to film and turn the pages at the same time...

Thursday, February 6

Kudos to Jon Nez!

The original rough sketch for the cover

"What a sweet little book. Peter Panda may be having a melt down, but I've never seen one look so cute! If it isn't already obvious, it was the illustrations that initially made me want to check out this book. Even on my iPad, the illustrations were big, bright, and perfectly matched the lines on the page. Kudos to Jon Nez!"