Monday, March 20

Book making is odd...

I feel like I've been in the maternity ward, giving birth to my new characters and stories. I had a wonderful time making up a new story with pictures - crafting a dummy.

I used Indesign for all the thumbnail boards and page turns. One does not write and draw so much as one rewrites and redraws I find. I made many dozens of changes - changing names - changing locations - changing page sequences - changing text. But the last thing is to send it away to my agent. Too much fun! I wonder if the world will like my stories as much as I do?

Book making is so odd. Maybe the first drawing arrived years ago - and then got lost in a folder - and was forgotten. But then everything comes together years later. Funny how that works.

So what's the last thing I do when I'm making a new picturebook? The last thing I do is I try to forget it all. Yes, bookmaking is odd...

Friday, January 27

A Book From the Time of Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are always something to wonder about.  For one thing, they're really BIG. But this particular Dino is very easy going and fun.

It's been interesting to recreate the classic art of Syn Hoff for these books about Danny and the Dinosaur. They seem to come from a simpler time... the time of Dinosaurs!

Sunday, January 22

Never Lose Hope

On the train yesterday was a child with a tiny pink knitted hat. It was pinned on since it was far too small to fit. She was also wearing a silly backpack and carried a handmade sign. Outside on the station wall was a poster of MLK looking out that read 'Never Lose Hope'. I had to sketch it out from memory when I got home.

So many parents brought their children to the march - and to great effect I would imagine.

Pinklash in Seattle

It was a bright beautiful day to get out and keep hope alive in Seattle.

Last November America got a dose of what Van Jones called 'Whitelash'. Today is what I think might be called a good dose of 'Pinklash'.

It was the largest march and public gathering in the history of Washington state - so that means something!

Friday, January 6

A new year message arrives!

The old year has grown old with woe... but a message arrives from the New Year requesting imaginations to alight and rejoice.  And so we might try... having little choice in the matter.

This is from a hilarious graphic novel sort of story I wrote up. I think it's hilarious... as penguins tend to be.

Saturday, December 31

Some new sketches...

It's a bit peculiar how artists and their drawings seem related. Once I had a famous illustrator come visit my studio and the first thing that popped into my head as she walked up the steps was 'You look exactly like your drawings!' - even though her drawings are mostly of bunnies and mice. In any event, here's to a fun new year of making art.

Tuesday, December 20

Happy Holidays!

It's that time of year for a little bit of 

 holiday, holiday, holiday art!

Here's wishing everyone lots of

Happy Holidays! 

Wednesday, December 7

From the picturebook dummy to the real book

 Before a book is real, it first appears as a 'dummy'. That is to say it's a rough version of what will be the finish art and text.  I made this dummy book with my printer and tape and lots of cleverness.  

Here's a post showing how a book might change and progress between the first sketched out dummy book and the final printed book.

Some of the pictures and words are slightly changed with each new version made as the book evolves.

It's almost more fun playing with the sketches than doing all the finish work, but it's always a challenge trying to keep the sketches loose.

But I guess the the very first version of the book was the  Indesign file that came before the homemade version.

Of course now that I see the rough version and the finish book, I just want to rewrite it all and change the art... occupational hazard I guess.

Thursday, November 24

Tuesday, November 1

Honored to be part of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency

I'm happy to be able to finally announce what an honor it is to be invited to become part of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency - represented by Lara Perkins.

Luckily I have no shortage of picturebook ideas. It's flattering to be in the company of other artists and writers who have been my online friends for years - Janee Trasler, Kim Norman, Emilie Boon, Calef Brown, Renee Kurilla, Nina Laden, Mary Peterson, Paul Meisel and many more.

So - I'll be busy writing - or more precisely, re-writing!  I was an English major after all...