August 19, 2007


First I got an electrical gremlin in my formerly trusty Volvo 940 T. I spend days fiddling with ground wires. I got all twisted up down by the fuse box. I got my hands covered in grease wiggling all the wires looking for a short.

No luck... the gremlin persists.

Then my printer decided it needed a gremlin too. The black won't print. I spent the whole morning taking the cover off, taking the print head out... spraying it with Windex. I searched online help forums... nothin'.

No luck... the printer gremlin persists.

Sometimes it seems modern life is just too complicated and has too many job openings for gremlins to sign on and mess things up!

Yet somehow we all persist despite the gremlins...

Be-GONE Evil Gremlins!!!!
Be-GONE Evil Gremlins!!!!
Be-GONE Evil Gremlins!!!!


Doug said...

if you ever catch one of the gremlins, spray him down real good with Windex.... that'll get rid of him!

John Nez said...

Luckily I took the electric gremlin into an expert... and (fingers crossed) that one's fixed.

Now it's just the printer gremlin.
But printers are moody creatures... so I'm sure it will come around eventually.