August 1, 2007

A Return Home #3

Alas! Perfection is fleeting...

Amazements must be remembered for another day...

But at least there are still elk herds to see!

And fields of lavender to behold... (and get bees in the car!)

And there's always good old Mt. Rainier to top it all off... my 3 days of vacation are done!


PG said...

ELKS!!!! You have elks, you lucky camper! Mind you, I think if I came across a herd of elks in our woods I would be somewhat apprehensive.

John Nez said...

Not to worry.... those elk are about as wild as cows. In fact one of them was wearing a lavender neck band.

They're part of an elk ranch, I think... no doubt kept happy with lots of salt and alfalfa... or something.

Still... not an everyday sight!

Anonymous said...

John, the two giant mounds on the beach - where is that?

John Nez said...

That's the 'Hole in the Wall' at Olympic National Park... Rialto Beach.

The opening in the rock on the right is about 40 feet high. You can hike through there at low tide to see tide pools and head up the coast.

At high tide you have to walk around.