August 23, 2007

Photoshop... How Do I Love Thee?

Let me count the ways...

* I love thine dependablity, as trustworthy as an ancient oak.
* I love thine intuitive & logical Interface which alloweth varied solutions to any puzzle.
* I love thine Quickitude that speedeth every project... amazing all art directors forthwith.
* I love thine flawless interface, as smooth as the cheek of a maiden.
* I love thine ability to render forth the quickest imaginings of yon fevered artist...
* I love how thou setteth aglow every Color and render all changes in an instant.
* I love thine Keyboard shortcuts... to hasten every task wondrously.
* I love thine Image Browser, to gather forth all sundry artworks into seemly folders forthwith.
* I love thine Clone tool which maketh magical feats at the flick of a Wacom.
* I love thine Magic Wand tool, which doth indeed render forth great Magic.
* I love thine Undo command... which renders all mistaking a thing of the past.
* I love thine Transform command, which transformeth imperfect art into perfection.

And I love thine Cousins... InDesign & Illustrator & Acrobat, all of which toil together seamlessly.


Paige Keiser said...

Oh Bravo! Great to see this because I have no idea how to color my art work with photoshop. Nicely produced video John.

John Nez said...

It's quite elementary. Photoshop is wonderfully intuitive. Just start with the base layer (a scanned in image) and add transparent layers on top, like see-through animation cells.

Be sure to learn all the keyboard commands to change tools... B for brush, W for wand, L for lasso, E for erase, etc.

Oh, and a wacom is a MUST!

Photoshop is the greatest thing since sliced bread for us illustrators... imho.


Sam said...

Back from summer vacation. Catching up on blogs.
Loved your post this morning. Yesterday, when I got back, I loaded my photos to my computer and discovered that somehow my Picture It program had been erased. *gasp* So I had to download a new program and learn it this morning while I had my coffee, so I can crop and tweak and resize my pictures. Photoshop sounds lovely. I found a basic photo editor at Microsoft. I'll use this for now.
Have a good day!!

gail said...

Cool video! Thanks for putting it together. I love Photoshop too, although I need to learn those shortcuts.

I'm still working on my relationship with InDesign & Illustrator.


John Nez said...

Photoshop LE (limited edition) is a great inexpensive version of Photoshop.

It's got almost all the same features and often comes free with scanners and cameras. It only lacks CMYK for color modes... but most things can be done in RGB.

Nancy Bea said...

Wow! I'm impressed and inspired. I wish you were offering Photoshop for Ignorant Illustrators workshops, I'd sign right up.

John Nez said...

Yes, I ought to start on that book... only I'd have to give away all my secrets!


June said...

I really enjoyed that John, and it made me feel like getting to grips with PS again. All I need now is the time!

Doug said...

Great video! I have enjoyed watching it several times. Thanks for putting it up!

Mark Monlux said...

Thanks for sharing. I really must start using my tablet more. I'm now subscribed to your blog. Will let you know if I do more than the two blogs I have right now. One is on blogspot, the other on myspace.