August 25, 2007

The Essence of Painting

Now here's some guaranteed painting satisfaction!

Painting steps... the act of painting reduced to it's most basic, purest & satisfying form. No meddlesome artistic content to get in the way!

There are few wrong ways to paint steps. The brush cannot make a mistake... the paint glides on perfectly every time. The act of painting assumes an additional role of renewal and magical transformation... which Art often fails to achieve.

The poor weather-beaten steps are given new life by the act of painting. They are renewed to last out another season against time & the weather.

I have a special feeling about these steps anyhow, since I built them from scratch years ago. They've held up well over the 10 years since that hot summer when I cut them out on the front lawn.

Now it looks like the south side of the house needs a little painting satisfaction of its own. Yet I search, and easily find dozens of reasons to delay such satisfaction. Truly amazing how quickly the reasons spring to mind!

I think I'll just rest on my laurels for awhile yet... and admire the steps.


Paula Pertile said...

Nice color, nice steps, I'm impressed!
I'm trying to get in the mood to stain my back deck. Actually I'm waiting for the house chores elves to do it for me. Wish I had a Kreacher or Dobby to call upon!

John Nez said...

I find one sneaky way to start is to tell myself a lie. I say to myself, "I'm only going to work for 3 minutes... then I'll quit!"

This accomplishes the hardest part... the starting! Usually I'm not even dressed for doing chores... but just start in with a tiny little bit. Next thing you know its 4 hours later and I've done the whole job!

Like today... first I started fixing the garage roof. I was just going to nail down one loose shingle. Next I started trimming the camelias... 3 hours later I've been woikin' all afternoon!

SOMEBODY push the OFF button on this Chore Hound!!!!


Sam said...

Oh, I love the color you've chosen - it looks perfect!!!

John Nez said...

Yes, this color hideth the dirt veryily well.

And it matches in with the other shades of grey that I painted the rest of the house!