May 10, 2007

Pondering the Piggybank of Life's Days

Inspiration & Happiness... they are mysterious and elusive creatures.

They'll be there, hiding in the shadows... or just lounging around in the open. Only they're disguised as something so familiar that I can't recognize it for anything different.

Inspiration & Happiness both are like life-saver rings that are kept fixed on the railings of boats. As much as I'd like to take one off the rail and toss it out just anytime... they'll only allow themselves to be really useful in the middle of a real storm, with lightning and desperation and dark clouds and darkness.

Inspiration & Happiness are as fickle as butterflies that only land when they're ready to land. But it's a gift when they do.

Usually they're right there in the same room with me. Only I have to lean back in a corner where I usually never stand and look at things from a different place than I did before. Then maybe they might reveal themselves. And then it's so simple to just walk over and pick them up.

And so one more penny's worth of philosophical pondering clinks merrily into the piggy bank of life's days.


Sam said...

I love that expression - fickle as butterflies!
I'm lucky to be one of those insufferably cheerful people who drive everyone else mad with constant humming and whistling.
I wonder if it's how you're raised?
My mother was resolutely cheerful no matter what, always greeting us in the morning with "Rise and Shine!"
My own kids are a happy bunch, and we tease my husband about being grumpy all the time.
He's grumpy, and my mother in law is always complaining. Hmm. I wonder if the mother's character doesn't rub off on her kids?
Will have to look into that.

And it seems that half the people who visit my blog are Fish out of Water, and the other half are quite content no matter where they are!

John Nez said...

I suppose I'm happy enough myself. But it seems I get bogged down with family problems. A troubled teen who just seems trapped in one bog after the next. He was such a happy child too... it doesn't even seem natural that things turned out like this.

And then then their ailing grandparents... who's days are numbered. Hospitals, nursing homes, oxygen, walkers, operations... not the stuff of anyone's joy, for sure.

But all I need is a new blank page to write and draw on and I'm off chasing a new butterfly. I spent most of Saturday working up a new book idea that I just thought would be terrific.

Ever onwards...


Sharon Vargo said...

I love your pondering post john ... it added riches to my day! Thanks!