May 24, 2007

My Digital Maytag

For my first 15 years of working as an illustrator, I only used pencils, paints and watercolor paper.

But then one day I tried out Photoshop. And things haven't been the same since.

I have to say, making art is LOTS more fun with digital tools tossed into the mix. Not only is it more fun... it's also easier.

I still think that all art begins with the lowly pencil and that traditional art will never be rivaled in it's surface complexity and tradition. But it sure is handy having some digital studio slaves to do the heavy lifting.

Basically, I think doing art completely the old fashioned way is akin to doing laundry by hand on a scrub board.

However I'll take the Maytag...

I still do all my art with real pencils, real paper and real paints. It just all gets processed through the digital Maytag.


lullabell said...

Really? I think that it's a lot closer to ART when somethings made by hand. I guess I'm just old fashioned. (I just got a washer two years ago)Really!

Sam said...

I do some of my commissions like that - drawing first and fine tuning later. A lot of my commissions are pen and ink, so done just by hand. I do scan and send everything digitally though - I have a great program that makes print-perfect, high-res images so I can work at home and send everythign e-mail.
Ahhh - the joys of technology!

John Nez said...

Will I trade in my Maytag for the old scrubboard? NEVER!!!!

Just today my trusty Photoshop is saving my bacon as it effortlessly zips through half a dozen changes that used to take hours. Now it's almost instantaneous... and practically fun.

Now I no longer fear the red inked editorial comments... which used to send shivers down my spine!