May 7, 2007

Breaking the Rules of Art

My step sister, who is an aspiring actress, once wrote to Katherine Hepburn, asking her advice on how to break into acting.

Amazingly, Katherine Hepburn wrote her back. I have a copy of the letter somewhere, written in a shaky sort of penmanship.

I remember her answer as to how to break into acting was very direct and simple. Ms. Hepburn wrote that the best thing she would recommend would be to come to New York and look around to see what everyone else was doing. And then think of something different... and do that.

Good advice. Just shows how the Rules of Art are mostly made to be broken.


Sam said...

A lady after my own heart!
I hope your sister succeeds!

John Nez said...

She just keeps trying despite the obvious impossibility of the task. She did get a little bit part as a nurse on a TV soap opera... for a few episodes.

The true irony is that she's got a degree as an M.D. But I know she'd throw it all aside for a chance to be in the movies.


Sam said...

Dreams are like that - they just don't have anything to do with reality.
As long as you're still happy chasing that rainbow, I guess it's OK. The danger is becoming bitter and discouraged. That is sad.

John Nez said...

Yes... the Illusion of Art & Happiness both. Both founded on dreams it seems sometimes.

But what else are we to do with our lives but chase after such rainbows....


Sam said...

Oh, 'Tag'!
I tagged you.
The rules are over at my blog.