May 30, 2007

And while no one was looking...

A maple tree took root in the top step!

Monet was said to have always shown his visitors around his garden first. His paintings were secondary. Nature makes better Art anyhow.

Of course any gardener knows you couldn't have gotten a maple tree to sprout in the top step if you tried!


Sam said...

The tree sort of chose a bad place to sprout.
Unless you take him out and put him in a big empty space.

John Nez said...

I just might do that... take pity on that brave little shoot.

ChatRabbit said...

Nature is awesome...I have a full-blown columbine plant that grows each year out of a 1/2-inch crack in a giant boulder in my garden. I also have a soft spot for intrepid sprouts!

Paula Pertile said...

Is the penny some sort of offering to the plant gods?

Nature really is something, isn't it?

John Nez said...

I put the penny there. I was so amazed at how small it was, I thought it'd help.

I think the Art Gods demand more than a penny before smiling broadly upon us.