May 2, 2007

Drawing & the Illegible Me

I wonder... is it just me... or does drawing for years on end lead to crappy penmanship?

My penmanship in writing words seems to have steadily grown worse over the years. It's like the muscles in my hand are only trained to hold a pencil and draw. When I try to write words, the letters start taking every imaginable shape.

I can usually manage a blocky print that I can read... but sometimes I write down an item on a grocery list, and 10 minutes later I have NO IDEA what it was. (that's if I don't lose the list between the car and the shopping cart)

Doctors are supposedly known for illegible handwriting... I wonder, do they draw a lot too?

But the really strange thing is that when I watch one of those closeups of a character in a movie doing their handwriting, so smoothly and evenly and orderly... then I can do it too, if I think of that movie scene and slow down and be measured and methodical and paced. It's all in thinking about that same smooth, slow mindset.

But when I'm just me... I'm practically illegible. I'm in too much of a hurry to do anything right.

Good thing I draw pictures for a living. Sometimes it's just easier to draw pictures on the shopping list instead of writing it out.


ChatRabbit said...

I have noticed the same phenomenon- my own handwriting (formerly fabulous in high school or so) has declined in readability over the years. I think it's because I am semi-hyper, and if I don't switch out of hyper mode (which is GREAT for art), the handwriting shows it. It's harder to switch modes these days, too!

John Nez said...

Glad to see it's not just me!

I just scribble and scrawl when I ought to be making smooth, graceful loops and orderly ovals.


gail said...

No, it's not just you! I have unbelievably bad handwriting! I too take a look at lists I just wrote and have no idea what some of the words are. Does make for interesting shopping trips!

I think part of the problem is I didn't write in "cursive" for years. I mean years. In high school and college everything had to be typed or "printed". (Does this tell you how old I am! :) ) Then I worked in the design dept. of an architectural firm and we printed all caps in that draftsman style.

I think Liz is on to something too. If I slow down, and use a 4h pencil or really nice pen, I take the time to write neatly.

Great topic John!


Paula Pertile said...

I think your handwriting looks fine John! I can't read it, but just as a 'visual', its very appealing.

Maybe because mine has that look too...

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