May 9, 2007

8 Things About Me

1) I'm usually sad... life and the world make me that way. My middle name ought to have been 'Pierrot'. Mozart makes me cry.

2) I usually wish I was somewhere else and far away. That probably explains my fondness for TV and foreign films.

3) I don't understand how the world works and suspect I never will. I also suspect I will never own waterfront property.

4) I'm no good at math and still count with my fingers.

5) I lived in a small town in Kansas once where I got my driver's license at age 13.

6) I never travelled to Antarctica, but I understand my work is well appreciated by penguins.

7) Brahms & Tchaikovsky share my birthday. They were both viola players too.

8) My least favorite part of any journey is when I turn around to go back home.


Anonymous said...

John, all of this contributes to the person you are and the kind of artist you are. I think most artists have incredibly sensitive souls and more times than not,we all wish we could just be anywhere but "here". I love Mozart and Haydn and I cry at just about anything sentimental, heartwarming or sad. I gave up on math a long time ago, thank God for calculators!Heck...Tom Petty shares by birthday! Oh, I love the viola too. I don't mean to babble on and on, but oh's just me. Don't fret too much John, you are among kindred souls.Thank God you are among the creative types in the world, we see it so differently, and to quote Martha Stewart, that can be a "very good thing", Cheers and smiles to you.

Sam said...

I LOVE the pictures! And I don't agree about the artist thing. My sister isn't artistic yet she cries at the drop of a pin. She's a sensitive soul - she once sobbed at a museum when she saw a stuffed fox. I'm artistic and I'm happy as the village idiot. I think it's just nature. Or maybe it's food - do you eat enough chocolate?

I think it's amazing - a drivers license at 13!! Wow - my husband flunked his test three times and got it when he was 23, lol!

I don't like going back home by the same route. I love taking a different way each time. I get lost a lot. And I count on my fingers too - horribly math deficient.

Thanks for playing!
I'll have to tag you again.

John Nez said...

Well like PopEye said... "I yam what I yam and that's alls that I yam".

So I's guess I'm about stuck.



June said...

Was that a childhood drawing of yours John?
Love the penguins, bless em, hope they got signed copies :o)

A big cyber hug from one sensitive soul to another.

John Nez said...

thanks.... no, not my drawing... came from a school visit I think.