March 4, 2008

My equation for making art?

I've finally received the 'go ahead' on the finish art for my new book. It's a real joy to finally be doing the finish art!

My equation for making art?

It's elementary.....
Photoshop + Real Paints = Artistic Happiness

Here's hoping many days of happy art-making are to come.



Shennen said...

John, I LOVE these, they are fantastic! When does the book get released? I can't wait to buy a copy.


John Nez said...

Thanks for the kindly compliments.

I'd guess it'll come out next Fall... but no one tells me anything.


Phyllis Harris said...

I am so excited to see the final on this book, John. It looks fabulous!

It looks like you are having a blast!! It really shines through on your art.

Congratulations again on the sale!

Sam said...

How wonderful!!!!
Congratulations! And I love these drawings - are they part of the book?

John Nez said...

Thanks! Yes, these are from one 2-page spread in the book.

30 more pages to go!