March 28, 2008

Looking out my window...

Looking out my window at the snow coming down, two questions immediately come to mind.

A) What exactly was it that was the problem with global warming?

B) Might it be possible to have a little global warming delivered locally? Please?

It usually doesn't snow when it's almost April in Seattle!


Jennifer said...

I read that poster as Chlorox Smile, and thought, 'yes, chlorox does make things white'. Oy.
Snow? Lucky you. We haven't seen a single flake all winter.
Let me rephrase that...
Well, we've had rain and hail.
Ugh weather.
I'm hoping April and May are nice. Last year, we had an unbelieveable April, and a dreadful May, June, July, and August, lol.

John Nez said...

Yes, Clorox really would add some Hollywood Sparkle!


rebecca said...

But who IS she, with that Clorox smile? (I must say, I don't think the mask does much for her...)

rbaird said...

Wish I could send some Texas sunshine!
Cool poster!
Could she be Sophie Stewart?