March 19, 2008

It's on the junk pile now...

It's amazing how technology leapfrogs itself and things go obsolete. My fax machine is obsolete... it's official.

Before the Fax was the telephone answering machine. Since I was a self employed freelancer, I was the first person in my acquaintance to own one. It was the size of a shoebox... and cost a fortune.

Then came the Fax machine.  I have to admit I had a thing for Fax machines. I've never wanted a laptop computer... but there's something about Fax machines that appealed to me.  I can't quite say what though.

But it's on the junk pile now.  I stopped using Faxes years ago. The PDF wins hands down.  Faxing was always so nerve wracking.  You never knew how many pages were supposed to arrive... then when the connection dropped, you didn't know if you were supposed to call the sender... or wait... or what.  

The PDF is vastly superior in every respect.

Time marches on... next to go, no doubt will be the obsolete Iomega zip-disk drive. 



Mark Monlux said...

I spent $1,200 on my first fax machine. At the time I had to convince my clients to purchase themselves a fax machine or deal with covering the cost of a courier service. It broke my heart when I gave it to the needy. Now I have a printer that also acts like fax machine. The only faxes I get these days are stock tips from fax-spammers. Ug. But, there was a golden age, a time when the squeal and chirp of the fax was a signal of work and prosperity. Sigh.

John Nez said...

Yep... those were the days! There was just something magical about a machine from which papers would emerge... with words and pictures.

Alas! So short lived...