March 15, 2008

A fun little book...

This was a delightful little book that I did last summer. It arrived the other week in a box on the porch, as they all do. It's sort of a vacation activity book. It was fun to draw pictures of going on a vacation even if I wasn't going on one myself.

The book comes with a little 35mm film camera for the kids to take photos. I don't know if drug stores even process film anymore... but maybe they do.

I am very pleased with how my hybrid real/digital technique comes out in print. It seems like the results are so much more than I could ever get with just paint alone.

It's always fun to explore new techniques that you didn't even know existed in Photoshop. I've been Photoshopping for 7 years now and I'm still learning new things all the time.


rebecca said...

Ah, the box on the porch! How nice it is that you are pleased with what was inside! (Sometimes I have to let my newly arrived copies "sit" for a day or two because the printed version of the art is such a letdown. After a little time spent steeping -- or stewing -- sometimes they look better to me.) But not so for you! This book looks quite wonderful right outta the box, John! I just ordered myself a copy! Since you commented on how effective (and satisfying) it is for you to combine traditional and digital media for one piece, I want to know (and see) more!
Are you going to show any images/video of creating the art for this book? I always LOVE seeing your process.

John Nez said...

Thanks for buying a copy.... although I don't have any royalties on that one, it's a nice gesture. It's really just a collection of spot illustrations.

Anyhow, I'd encourage any illustrator to become very, very, very good friends with Photoshop.

And I am planning on doing some step by steps on my process of making art. I was mostly thinking for that distant day when I might do the rounds at schools.


Sam said...

I just saw this - what a great idea!!

Christiane said...

This looks like a fun book to do and also to own I guess! I like activity books, you seem to have more of those in the US than we have over here in Europe..