February 29, 2008

Film Noir Kitty

Sprawled on the carpet, after the party... it's Norma Desmond... a.k.a. Kitty Desmond.... aging faded Star of stage & screen. Last seen in numerous picturebooks and the bigscreen production of Sunset Boulevard.

But now it's after midnight... after the cast party... she's a wreck, unable to cope with reality.
Who will fill her bowl with Friskies now that the directors have stopped calling?
Who will ask for her pawprint at opening night?
Her claws grasp in vain for a vanished past.

What has her agent done for her... lately?
Life is hard when you're a has-been Kitty...

I know the feeling...



Paige Keiser said...

I love this John--a perfect tragicomedy. lol! :0) Poor kitty, I'll fill her bowl for her. Who needs directors.

John Nez said...

Kitty thanks you... and offers an autographed paw-print... no charge!



Anonymous said...

Adorable kitten, great post...I love Norma Desmond!

Sam said...

That is a gorgeous shot of that cat! Love the colors and the setting.

ChatRabbit said...

You're such a goofball, John!!