February 8, 2008

Is it wrong to love digital art too much?

Is it wrong to love digital art too much?

I don't think so.

In fact I'd guess that the joy to be found doing digital artwork makes up for the many frustrations that other aspects of computing bring into one's life.

I like digital because it's such a challenge... both artistically and mechanically. Somehow it engages both sides of one's brain in a delightful way.

The 'geek' brain gets an excercise in logic, figuring and analyzing all the while... and the artistic side of the brain is equally challenged. And then there are those special moments when ideas arrive, and one breaks through to a new level of understanding, building on the techniques of the past all the while.

I've finally discovered a new line quality that I just luv... simple, fast and changeable. It's got bits that remind me a little of japanese prints and touches of andy warhol. Such fun!

Making art of any sort is fun... but it all usually begins with an idea & the lowly pencil. And when I get bored doing digital art, there's always my watercolor paper, brushes and real paints.


ChatRabbit said...

No, it's NOT wrong...I luv it too, every day is a day of discovery. Plus, there's an undo option!

John Nez said...

Yes... undo is good. And there's also the option of endless 're-do' too.

I'm certain I've only tapped into probably 40% of the possibilities that await in Photoshop. So it's always fun learning something new.


Sam said...

I think digital art is wonderful - it's so versatile, and you do terrific things with it!

June said...

You make the making of digital art look easy John, but making it look as good as you do, isn't easy.

I am still planning to make it a technique I add to my portfolio... if ever I can complete painting these current spreads in the traditional way.

Back to stretching the paper again....