February 20, 2008

Up, up, up the Bridge Goes...

All traffic comes to a stop so one little sailboat can pass beneath the bridge. Sometimes there might be 500 cars waiting while this one little boat sails past. So very quaint!

I always imagine a happy little sailor smoking a pipe at his leisure while overhead there are 500 cars full of stressed out motorists waiting 10 minutes for this ritual to be finished. But never having been in such a boat, I can only imagine.

On a sunny day it's a good opportunity to get out and stretch and enjoy the scenery.

Up, up, up the bridge goes... the sidewalk is nearly vertical.

I think there are at least three bridges like this in town. They all date back about 80 years. But they all still work. They operate more in the summertime as boat traffic increases.

1 comment:

Sam said...

I Love drawbridges!! I haven't seen one in ages. I never minded waiting for one to open and close.
(Well, unless I was in a tearing hurry...)