February 24, 2008

The changeless sea... continued

Roots of a mystery fill the seaside grotto...

Colorful shells adorn the beach.  Eventually everything is worn into the same smooth shape.

This pole frames the space in an orderly fashion... or so thought I.

A shadow is cast by the intrepid photographer... it's the least I can do.

Meanwhile, the 'competition' snaps away like crazy.  lol!  And so ends our brief trip to the beach on a rare sunny day.


Sam said...

You're certainly putting your camera to good use! These are wonderful!
I loved the sea grotto picture - such colorful pebbles! I could spend hours and hours there! *sigh*
I miss the beach!!

ladysnail said...

the first photo is beautiful john. the words you put with it seem to lead into a story. dx.

Paige Keiser said...

Are you a mere bike ride from the seaside, John?

John Nez said...

Thank you, thank you all for the nice comments.

I wished I could ride my bike to the sea. But I'd have to live in West Seattle to do that. That's where these photos were taken. Fabulous views all around.