September 26, 2007

The Art of making Art

The first rule in the Art of making Art, I suppose, is that one ought to at least enjoy it. In practice, this is easier said than done though. So often it seems almost impossible to just relax and enjoy the process.

They didn't put 'Dead' in the word Deadline without reason. Deadlines, when combined with with the inner critic have a nasty habit of getting in the way of simple enjoyment at it's finest.

But Art is supposed to be fun. Sometimes we just have to put a foot down to insist that it stay that way!

I'd advise anyone foolhardy enough to embark on an Art making venture to allow lots of elbow room for yourself. Allow no one to elbow in on your territory of artistic Happiness! That is YOURS and yours alone! Not even that pesky inner critic should be allowed to mess things up.

It's almost a whole other art form to figure out how to relax and enjoy making Art... but still get it done on time.


Anonymous said...

John what a wonderful post. . .and my exact feelings. But you put it so wonderfully! It's such a comfort to see other artist who are at the same point in their career that I am. Blogs are perfect for this.

I loved this so much I am gonna blog it if you don't mind. . .

John Nez said...

Hi Sherry,

So glad you liked the post... thanks for blogging about it.



Thanks for reminding me to tell that pesky inner critic to "take a hike !"

Diane Duda said...

I didn't even try my hand at "making art" until turning 40. I'm just trying to catch up and make as much art as I can before the biggest deadline of them all! :)

Sam said...

That is wonderful advice - art should be FUN, and beauty is in teh eye of the beholder, and not in the mouth of the critic!

June said...

I hear you John. And as it seems that everyone elses deadline has taken priority over mine this week, I am now going to be totally selfish and PLAY and ENJOY my art for a bit, and let no one and nothing, get in my way.
Thanks for reminding me that this job should be FUN. I kind of lose that occasionally along the way.

Ginger*:)* said...

Thanks to you and to Sherry for pointing me in the right direction. I agree 100%; It is what we all dreamed of... making a living with our ART the need to remember the fun part goes hand in hand with the joy of seeing the finished product.