September 10, 2007

The Problem With Modern Life...

The basic problem with modern life is that it is too complicated. And of course all the many complicated gadgets that we depend on every day have a habit of breaking down... adding to our burden of living amongst 'Things'.

How is it that the wild animals of the woods have just their bushy tails and fur to get them through their days? Yet we have to lug along tons of stuff... basements full of junk... and leave behind great midden heaps of rubbish in our wake?

Enter the Handyman, who's task is to restore our heaps of junk to working order so that we may continue on as planned! Or go crazy in the process...

It's easy to see who has the higher quality of life... us or the owls. The higher quality of life belongs to the contented, thoughtful owl sitting on the quiet branch in the woods! His day is a long pursuit of leisure, knowing the excitment of catching a mouse in the moonlight will be his tonight! A tree branch and the moon to hunt by... those are the only things an owl really needs.
Whoooo? Whooooo? Whoooo?

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gail said...

Complicated. You are so right.

Sorry about your printer.