September 1, 2007

'Who cooks for you?'

Back to the owls again... can you pick out the three owls in this photo?

I like to think its the two sibling juvenile owls being watched over by the mama owl.
It's a mystical experience watching owls in the woods. Not much happens... lots of neck turning and if you're lucky, they'll fly. Branch hopping is something that owls make look like a LOT of fun too.

They seem like sentinels of some mystery that watching them allows us people to partake of.

A timeless mystery of the woods... a very peaceful mystery. Wild animals are the accentuation of any natural landscape, I think.

I've nearly perfected my call of the Barred Owl, after listening to the call over and over. I tried it out on them last week and they really did perk up and stare with a heightened curiosity.

'Who cooks for you?'.... that's the english equivalent of their call. With a little tremolo at the end. I've noticed that not only does the owl call perk up the owls... but it's also an effective means of clearing the woods of humans too!



Gabriele C. said...

Yes, I can spot three owls in the first pic. :) And the second is just too cute.

I can sometimes hear them in the woods here, but I haven't managed to see one for ages. Very secretive fluffballs. :)

Jennifer said...

I Love the owl pics!
We have barn owls here - they are huge, beige, with delicate patterning on their wings, and long, fluffly legs. Their cry sounds like a ghost's shriek. They were screeching last night, actually, as they live in the church bell tower and often fly into our garden to hunt. Once they woke me up tapping on my window! I parted the curtains, and two huge white faces were staring at me.

John Nez said...

I'm jealous!

I have read that owls sometimes like perching outside windows to watch TV... which sounds very amusing.


ChatRabbit said...

OH. SO. COOL! I wish we could see owls here- we know they're out there in the woods, but have eluded us so far. Maybe I'll leave my TV on so they can see it!