September 13, 2007

Free-Range Bookmaking

Another day in the life of a Free-Range Bookmaker. How efficient have I been today? Um... let's see.

I woke up... I got dressed... and then I start in whittling away at the day's efficiency.

I draw, I write, I write, I draw... I design... I re-draw... I re-write.. I re-design. Re-writing is enjoyable and highly unpredictable. I do take occasional breaks to regret... and re-regret. Usually something vaguely to do with my career choice and time passing.

Lately I've drawn the 1904 World's Fair, the Flatiron Building, the Ferris Wheel from the World's Fair, a 1903 fire truck in action... umpteen barrels, dogs, picket fences, tools, workbenches... and various assorted other things.

Also I've listened to hours & hours of jackhammering outside my window... which really has a cumulative effect as they've been jackhammering on my street all summer! The throbbing of diesel engines is neverending around here lately!

I've decided its fun to be a free-range bookmaker... as opposed to being the caged variety. I mean, why not enjoy it while I can? It's not like anyone's getting rich over it or anyone's gonna remember anything in a year.

This is vaguely similar to deciding that you're going 'off' your diet... and are now free to indulge in any food you like!

They'll get me back in a cage soon enough, so why not enjoy being Free-Range while I can?
It's more fun that way!


Sam said...

I think being free range has its benefits. And drawing all day sounds like heaven to me.
But the jack hammers have to go. Yes, they have to go.

June said...

Free range is fine until things go wrong, and there is only you to sort it and catch up on lost time.
Today I printed, and then reprinted because the printer wouldn't take the paper straight! Then I laminated and the laminator ate the sheet, so I took the laminater apart, uncrumpled the now 'set' plastic sheet, repaired the laminator, dropped the screws, found the screws, reassembled the laminator. Then I reprinted, feeding each page in one at a time 'cos the printer didn't like the paper! ...and then I laminated... phew!
Not a very productive day.

John Nez said...

Oh dear! I think 'free-range' means you could run off and hide behind a bush on days like that!

Hope things get better soon...