March 23, 2007

A Quire of Squires


The Choir Conundrum

A choir of inspired squires was required to hire accountants
to inquire how many paintings the squires had acquired.
If every squire in the choir painted up a quire of spires,
how many paintings might the accounts have admired?

a) One cat... St. Ives was the other direction
b) 625. That's a quire of a quire or 25 x 25
c) I dunno and frankly I don't give a quire!

A Quire: definition : noun: a quantity of paper; 24 or 25 sheets

Learn something new every day here...

Riddle & Answers © Johann Abbottsford Neezovitch 2007


Anonymous said...

Yes, you do learn something new here everyday John...the little rhyme cracked me up.Have a grat week-end.

Anonymous said...

Oops...that should read great week-end.

Sam said...

Oh how fun!!
I love new words, and quire is a fun one!
I have quite a few quires under my desk, I have to acquire enough to send out my queries.

Sam said...

Oh - forgot to say I loved your posts about becoming an artist!
Living in NYC with 275$ in the bank is a good incentive to find work!

John Nez said...

Yes indeed... one can quickly dissappear down that rabbit hole of silly new words.

I guess that's one fun thing about writing... getting swept away.