March 22, 2007

Nature Blooms anyhow...


The camellias are in bloom... despite the chilly temperatures. The daffodils look wonderful, probably because they're spouting in the refrigerator this year! Even though it's still cold, Nature insists on blooming forth!

I'm glad winter's about over here... it's been the longest, bleakest, coldest, most unrelenting winter I can remember. It seems like it's been winter forever. But it always seems that way maybe. It always seems like the trees have been bare of leaves forever. And in the summer it seems like they've had leaves forever. I guess I must have a short attention span.

Ever since October, it's been about a nonstop sequence of Rain, Rain, Rain, Flooding, Windstorms, Ice, Freezing, Snow, Flooding, Rain, Rain, Freezing, Rain, Windstorms, Hail, Rain, Flooding, Snow, Freezing, Rain, Rain & Freezing.

And there's another cold snap in the forecast for next week. We do get about one day of sun every 2 weeks though.

Spring will be nice for a change.


Anonymous said...

I am so ready for spring! I like the nice warm spring showers (that of course, bring May flowers!) but am so tired of the cold rain of nearly every day.Springtime in the Northwest is glorious, don't you think?

John Nez said...

Oh, yes... except when it's June and it's still cold, rainy and grey!!!

June is the cruelest month here in the Pacific North West. By then I always figure... "We DESERVE summer by now!!!"