March 27, 2007

Choosing a Type of Tea


I've been completely waylaid by a dreadful case of 'Monday-itis'... with the disorganized 'Monday Particles' fouling up the workings of an otherwise rational mind. I blame it all on Sunday, actually.. my least favorite day of the week!

Now... on to some really important things, such as choosing a type of tea.
You know your work at home life is a bore when the Biegelow 6 Assorted Tea pack becomes an exciting element in one's life.

I suppose if one can't succeed at large endeavors, there is a certain triumph to be had in succeeding at a small level.

It IS a commitment... buying an entire package of tea, of course. There's the off chance you won't really like it and be forced to suffer the remaining 29 tea bags. This is where the Assorted Tea pack comes into play... smartly lessening the chances of this major disappointment while offering the excitement of variety at the same time.

Mostly I'm tempted by any tea package with an intriguing label. Those ones in the metal tins are especially intriguing. Then there's Red Tea from Africa... that's got an allure to it. $8 a can though... what if I don't like it?

I can easily spend 15 minutes browsing the tea package aisle... torn with indecision.

Hence the delight at discovering the obvious easy choice... the Biegelow 6 Assorted Tea pack.

To date I'm glad I didn't buy a 30 bag box of Lemon Lift. And I already know that the Mint tea will be a regret. But the Earl Grey is excellent... a nice change from the Constant Comment. Haven't yet reached a verdict on the English Tea. But in any event, I might possibly have had an idea by the end of this week... so thanks for stopping by.

Idealess in Seattle


June said...

A hot cup of Earl Grey with a slice of lemon, is a wonderful way to clear a foggy brain into creative mode!
I seldom drink tea, but even I like an occasional cup of Earl Grey!

Ginger & lemon tea is good for soothing sore throats and easing a cold.... just in case you had one! :o)

John Nez said...

Yes... I'm afraid that for me the creative brain requires a touch of caffeine to kick start the engine.

And especially on a Monday!

Paula said...

If they made tea that tasted exactly like French Roast then I'd be a tea drinker. I do like a nice teacup though. And I like the fancy tea tins too. But the tea itself, not so much...

phx-cdg said...

If you REALLY love tea, you can write Fortum and Mason in London. If they have your city on file, they will tell you the tea that blends best with the water from your city. I brought a gallon of Phoenix water to them , they tested it and gave me a wonderful letter with the answer. They don't have that service any longer, but they do have cities on file from the past.