March 20, 2007

Multi-Device TV remote...


Of course many a blog is based on complaints to do with the sticky bits of everyday life. Other blogs are showcases of accomplishment... where the blogger unveils the latest masterpiece. Others of us are lost in-between.

What if you spent your weekend learning to use your new TV remote? How does that fit in with the trophy-laden summits of art and the deep bog-filled valleys of frustration?

My weekend was spent mastering the new TV remote... surely an invention of the Devil! (along with HTML). The ability to program a multi-device TV remote really does divide the general population into two groups... the tech-savvy and the non- savvy. Of course it was child's play for me. But the complete mastery of the button operation is still underway, as I practice arpeggios... perfecting the necesarry deft touch required to get the blasted thing to work. The real trick is to point the device at the ceiling... not at the TV.

But it's worth it. I've learned lots more on TV than I did at college. TV would be unendurable without the remote. I never watch commercials... if possible. It is only with the invention of the remote control that it is possible to do this. And it does require a larger attention span to keep up with 2 or possibly 3 simultaneous programs at this level of viewership.

But I mustn't brag... that would be too prideful.


gail said...

Too funny! I guess I don't watch enough movies on DVD, I still need one of the kids to be home so they can get it started.


John Nez said...

Glad you liked the subtle humor!

I still can't figure out how my 'Cookie' book turned up with both Proust and Cary Grant.

I never realized it was all that historic, actually.


June said...

Ha... and the best button on the remote is the MUTE button.
How wonderful to silence all those who suddenly seem to shout louder :o)

John Nez said...

Yes... the volume control is equally as important as the channel changer.

But I confess, I can't hardly stand watching with the mute on... unless it's a commercial. I have to have the audio input... just the picture alone drives me nuts wondering what they're saying!