March 30, 2007

A Bike Ride Away...

Spring springeth forth... blossoms in abundance... the dreary dusty world of work seemeth hard to focus upon.

Thankfully this idyllic location is just a quick bike ride away. An enclosed court of mock Elizabethan buildings lined with 80 year old cherry trees. I think that no day is complete without a bike ride. The wind in one's hair... gliding effortlessly to one's destination... paying scant heed to the rules of the automobile. It's a highly useful form of transportation and the perfect therapy for the frustrations of driving.

And it's the one form of excercise that's really easy to look forward to.


twilite said...

A luxury to enjoy the lovely blossoms and its fragrance. Happy spring!

Ginger*:)* said...

Congratulations on being only a bike ride away from such spectacular spring beauty! And how nice it is to have you participating in the Picture Bookies Showcase. We all love your illustrations!