February 6, 2007

Instructions Not Included


One of the real pitfalls of being self employed is the simple fact that oftentimes you just don't know what to do next.

I know it sounds simplistic and dumb... but it can really be an obstacle sometimes. Sometimes it gets so bad that one literally walks around in circles... getting nowhere, but meaning to go everywhere.

90% of the time it's easy to get through a day. Something easy, something hard, something different... a little painting, a little computer work... a trip out for sketching.

BUT... the other 10% it seems direction is harder to come by.

Don't want to draw.
Don't feel like painting.
Don't want to work on the computer.
Don't ask me to clean up the studio!
Can't start on that new project...

I'll find myself so undecided I might finally actually decide at least to go somewhere... but then I can't decide where exactly. It even gets to the point where I'll find myself at a traffic light and not know if I should turn left, right or keep going straight ahead. I still can't decide if I'm going to go to the park by the lake for a walk along the water... to the bookstore for a look at books and art supplies... to the library... whatever!


It can drive a person nuts, but it's only that 10% that's like that. However it does point out the fact that freelancing is a self motivated venture without any rulebook or instructions included.

The grannies at tea picture, above, just arrived in the mail. I'm real pleased with my new technique. Fast, simple, effective, colorful and easy! But it looks like it took hours... very foxy!


gail said...

"Fast, simple, effective, colorful and easy! But it looks like it took hours... very foxy!"...that's what I need!!

Nice new technique. You should be pleased. Looks good!


gail said...

The teapot is a kick! Didn't notice that before.

ps. You've been tagged. Hope you don't mind! Check out my blog for instructions.

John Nez said...

Glad you liked it! It's rare when I'm actually pleased with a style and don't have 5 things I want to do differently.

Thanks for the compliments...


"e" said...

I love your new style.

So John, you've been tagged! Your fans want to know 6 weird things about you. Go to my blog for the "rules of engagement": http://dulemba.com/blogger.html.

barbJN said...

John,youare tagged. Check my blog:


paula said...

John, I am so glad to know I'm not the only one who's found themselves at the stoplight, not knowing where they're going! I'll think "Just get out of the house, go somewhere, ANYwhere".

But where? The bookstore? A coffee shop? Just a drive? IKEA? Cost Plus? the fabric store? (Unfortunately most of my ideas usually involve spending money.)

OK, this is turning into more than a comment. I should just start my own blog. Sorry.
But thanks for sharing that!

I like your art, too, of course.