November 28, 2006

A November to Remember


Snow! Laugh if you will... 1/2" of snow... not much really, but it's enough to bring this city to a screeching halt. The streets are icy... even the FedEx truck isn't making neighborhood pickups, and that's the first time I've known that to happen ever! Too many hills, nary a snowplow or sanding truck to be found anywhere. Since it only snows here once every two years or so it's best to just stay indoors I guess.

But at least it's bright and sunny...


It's been a November to Remember. First off, there was the non-stop rain for days... the most rain for any month since record keeping began (14" and counting). Then snow... and now the deep freeze. It really does make one stop and ask... what exactly was the problem with global warming again? Imagine if it was the next Ice Age setting in, instead of global warming.... brrrr!

It's a chore just keeping the hummingbird feeders unfrozen... one has to bring them indoors to melt the ice, while the hummers sit there awaiting the return of their chow.


The artwork is from a couple of books of mine. One was a Korean story, which I wrote, about a cherry tree throughout the seasons, titled 'My Cherry Tree'. The other picture is from another story of mine.


June said...

Brrrrrr. Made me feel all chilly now!

PG said...

You know John, whenever I see your illustrations I am just filled with admiration; not only do they make me smile, but they look so effortlesly accomplished, which is the hardest thing to do.

John Nez said...

Too kind, too kind!

Well at least that sub-zero weather has moved on and it's just plain winter now. The sun is even shining and it's not freezing!