December 5, 2006

A Splendid Evening

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I had a splendid evening out at a recent gallery opening here in Seattle, which featured a small part of the gallery with illustrations by moi!

The Fountainhead Gallery on Queen Anne hill in Seattle was the location. A collected Holiday show of illustration by some local Northwest artists was the featured exhibit... up all this month. There were gorgeous paintings by Richard Jesse Watson from some of his recent books... including 'The Night Before Christmas'. I'd never seen any of his originals before, but the colors are quite stunning in real life. Published artwork can never quite match the originals... as I've discovered from personal experience. Also Jesse Watson junior was there, along with Pier Morgan and Max Grover, who couldn't make it in person. A great collection of local children's book artists.


Anyhow, it was lots of fun to sign some of my books and generally hob nob with artists and patrons. I even sold one piece that night! What a nice surprise. I was very flattered just to be invited to particpate.

I'd love it if some day I could just paint on canvas and see my work hanging in galleries. I suppose it's just a matter of putting in the hours to make it all happen. But that's the problem with being a Sunday painter... usually I'm so tired from making images the other six days of the week, by the time Sunday rolls around I'd rather do anything else but make more pictures. Then there's the additional problem of getting spoiled by all the fun of sloshing paint just for fun without jumping through all the hoops of doing an illustration. Makes coming back to the drawing board a challenge sometimes.

Oh well.. some day maybe...


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