November 12, 2006

One Heck of a Thumpin', Brownie!


Need I say more?

I noticed lots of chipper looking liberals out and about here in Seattle on Wednesday morning. I suppose being a die-hard liberal and being a freelance illustrator can be similarly vexing at times.

It's not too hard to develop a 'complex' when practicing either of those avocations... after years of overcoming rejection and fighting what seems like overwhelming odds. And likewise, hope can be born anew with just enough patience.

Got to enjoy it when the light of reason finally breaks through the clouds of ignorance though! Wahooo!



Liz said...

Too bad it took so long, huh? Wahoo, indeed...from the other side of the country, too! I am glad a lot more people seem to at least be participating now-it's gonna get interesting.

June said...

I was going to ask how you knew they were liberals... but I think the illustration gives it away :o)