November 6, 2006

Toiling in the fields of imagination


The idea struck. It all started with an antique postcard in a shop.

Or maybe it was the combination of leftover halloween candy and coffee that sent me spiraling off into a galaxy of imaginary wanderings. I started writing like crazy... toiling away like a peasant in the field of imagination. Inspired saturday morning... written out 80% by saturday night... basically finished in 10 hours of clicking the keyboard by sunday afternoon.

It was one of those ideas that had been pent up for months and years, rattling around. Then it finally all fell into place.

Once inspiration strikes, I'm basically shackled like a prisoner... and happily so. I wouldn't have it any other way. Everyday life is totally boring compared to being swept up in a fun idea.

One feels a bit like Crusoe on his Island, with one last scrap of paper and one last bottle and cork and bit of pencil. One last chance to save this idea for posterity. I think writing really does seem more lasting than illustration in that regard. Shakespeare is born anew with each new edition... but aged illustrations start to fade.

All that's left is the toiling in the next vast field of creativity known as 'illustration'. But that's more likely the funnest end of the equation, even if it does take longer. The story on it's own is the script to the play. It's the illustration that adds the magic, the lighting, the music, the characters, the scenery, to make it all come alive.


Lucky for me I was born a peasant and as the saying goes... 'Work is the opium of the masses'.

This blog's picture isn't at all from my new idea but it's about the closest thing I have. Folk art... farms... barns...


Barbara JN said...

John, good luck with that new story! Sounds good. I'll be waiting to hear the words, "I sold it!"

John Nez said...

Thanks... it was fun just writing it, and I KNOW the art could be spectacular.

That's the whole problem with being an artist... we can see in our mind's eye exactly what we imagine, but it takes months of work to draw it out so the rest of the world can see it too.

June said...

I am dying to know what has excited you so much!
I shall keep looking and listening for further inspiration chapters.

Good luck with the new story John.

lynnedeartist said...

Yes I'm still waiting for those words "i sold it!" too.... drums fingers ... will that day ever come i wonder?

giovanni said...

Funny stuff!