April 5, 2010

Yon wee bird...

It was a miserable freezing windy easter weekend. Each day was cold and miserable... with gale force winds that just would not stop.

But in a patch of sunshine I discovered this yon wee bird, known as a bushtit. I've seen them in summer, where they fly together in little magical flocks... the tiniest of birds. They flit through a nearby bush like an apparition of magic and then you won't see them for another 2 months.

I had never seen a bushtit nest before. It weaves the most amazing nest... looking like an old sock that hangs from a branch stuffed with lichen, moss and leaves. Very amazing.

And some of the other usual suspects showed up to proclaim it being spring... despite the battering of the weather.

Reading: read a fascinating book: The Women of the House by Jean Zimmerman. It's a history of five generations of women who lived in New York from 1590 to 1700. It's a veritable page turner. I was interested to learn that the author lives in Hastings on Hudson, just next door to Dobbs Ferry, where I used to live.


Sarah Knight said...

Wow, I've never seen a bush tit nest before either — that's really something!
Lovely shots : )

John Nez said...

Thanks... that was a lucky day to find that photo, since I never saw them appear again after that.