April 7, 2010

Yanked off-stage...

In print:
Finally had this little page from Ladybug show up in print. I liked how it came out... one of my digi-real samples.

Watching: Charles Laughton in Rembrandt. Amazing movie. I think Charles Laughton can make reading a phone book sound like something out of Macbeth. It is also astonishing how much the actor looks like Rembrandt.

Drawing: Fun little animal characters. I'm quite pleased with my new project. First I painted it with acrylics... but it didn't pop or look 'fresh' enough. So then I redid it in photoshop, using the same lines. The new color is lots snappier. I guess my chief fear in being an illustrator anymore is the fear of looking old fashioned.

Philosophical tidbit: I think being an illustrator can seem like one of those vaudeville amusement shows, where the characters keep dancing until they're yanked off-stage by a cane. The trick to surviving might be to keep spiffing up the spats and top hat.

The one remaining trump card we hold is deciding to be an artist... as we strive not to get too tatty.

Fun: Looking at the iPads down at the Apple store. I think it would be possible to use an iPad as a portable cintiq tablet! Imagine how nice that would be. Instead of sitting all day long tied to a broiling comptuer and wacom, one could just pack up an iPad to the nearby cafe and color away!


Gloria said...

I actually have a photo of Charles reading a telephone guide ;D

And it's true he resembled Rembrandt extraordinarily on the film: he was a great lover of painting and a collector, BTW

Vincent Desjardins said...

Congratulations John on your Ladybug page making it into print. It's really cute. I also love your entry and photos of the bushtit and its nest.

Ryan Colucci said...

love your idea about the ipad. i just hope one day you can multi-task on it.

or is it actually better that you can't check your email/web so you actually have to focus on work?


John Nez said...

Thanks, everyone... appreciate the replies.

I'm a bit late since I had my 'comments' turned off by accident for 4 months.