April 29, 2010

Blog post #471

Painting: I've been having fun with the pen-brush and some sketches for a new book idea. It's always fun trying something new. Ever since I began doing illustration I have struggled between 3 dimensional art and flat 2 dimensional design. It's been a lifelong learning curve, making me feel like a dunce too thick to ever 'get it'.

But I guess that's why making art is a struggle.

Writing: I had fun writing up a quick new book idea over the weekend. We'll see if it ever takes off. Hope springs eternal.

Reading: A book about John Singer Sargeant. It's somewhat interesting... but somehow when any artist lives in pampered luxury it won't make for the same dramatic reading as Monet or Renoir who fought decades of poverty, wars and even escaped from the firing squad once.

Also Reading: A book about Paul McCartney. I was always a big reader of biographies.

Watching: Cary Grant in 'The Grass is Greener'. Finally... a Cary Grant movie I'd never seen before. And it was oddly weird to see CG being outdone by Robert Mitchum. I got a 4 disk set from the library. The movie 'Indiscreet' is up next.

Also watching Sons & Lovers by D.H. Lawrence. Great film.

Weather: We're having more winter here. Amazing after all those cherry blossoms. There's even a blue jay nesting in the camelia! A rare event indeed. But I hope their nest hasn't been frozen out by the weather.

I think all those turtles that crawled up out of the mud must now regret their decision to end hibernating.


Paula said...

It's always interesting to hear how another illustrator struggles with style, tries new things, etc. Your work always looks effortless to me.

What McCartney bio are you reading?

John Nez said...

The McCartney book was just called 'McCartney' I think. Written by someone from Portland... great book.

Now I'm reading a bio of Marilyn Monroe and another of Cary Grant. Not much of a reading challenge... just like eating potato chips really.